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largebullet  Integrated Training Packages

For delivery worldwide

Using our network of associates JHMA can provide and co-ordinate training in subsurface and related in addition to the courses listed specifically in this website, including:chairs2

  • Hydraulic Fracture Diagnostics
  • Artificial Lift – Production, Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Completion Technology
  • Well Stimulation Techniques
  • Estimation of Oil and Gas Reserves
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques
  • Shaly Sand Petrophysics
  • Application of Structural Geology in Seismic Interpretation
  • Practical Sequence Stratigraphy: Concepts and Applications.

jigsaw smallFor three years JHMA trainers conducted a series of in-house courses for a state-owned oil company. Each year the client solicited a number of courses by public tender for presentation in its training centre. During this period JHMA supplied over 15 training modules, more than any other single provider.

JHMA continues to offer a limited number of economical but high quality training solutions.

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