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largebullet  Unitisation and Equity Redetermination

A Practical Workshop

Many upstream E&P professionals find themselves faced with a field unitisation or equity redetermination project at least once in their career. Because such projects are challenging and also differ significantly from other field studies it can be difficult to know what is expected, and how to approach the work. This workshop, compiled and led by an internationally recognised specialist will help to solve such dilemmas.

This modular workshop will give valuable insight into unitisation and equity redetermination principles, international practices and field examples. Topics include:

  • Terminology, definitions and conceptsmeeting
  • Unitisation and redetermination examples
  • Approaches and alternatives to unitisation
  • Cross-border unitisation
  • Choosing an appropriate Basis of Determination
  • Strengths and weaknesses of redetermination practices
  • Drafting required agreements and procedures; role of AIPN model forms
  • Undertaking equity ‘defence’ projects
  • Outcomes of redetermination.

This customisable workshop will be of value to staff of all disciplines faced with a field unitisation or equity redetermination, from commercial and legal specialists to subsurface personnel. It is ideal to form a project kick-off event: modules can also be delivered remotely.

We have received first class feedback for this workshop: 

‘We were full of questions and you guys had answers. Somehow I knew we were in good hands that day. Looking back at it now, that was definitely true’

‘Listening to you both brainstorming with us in that 1st meeting turned the corner for me - it made me realize that we were on solid ground. You both clearly had a lot of experience and you were immediately 100% focused – reviewing our points, building on them, suggesting new points, and – most importantly – giving us solid feedback as to how those points would likely be viewed’