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largebullet  Consultancy and Advisory Services

JHMA is the ‘vehicle’ by which John H Martin provides advisory services to the energy sector. Links with other experienced professionals. High technical standards yet flexible enough to consider short lead-time or short-duration work.

A significant proportion of activities is undertaken in connection with pre-unitisation, unitisation and redetermination Expert and advisory roles, as well as support for dispute resolution.

JHMA's core discipline is in reservoir development geology, and its interface with geophysics and reservoir/petroleum engineering.

meander largeJHMA undertakes stand-alone projects, provides ad-hoc/part-time support to client teams, or collaborates with other consultancy/service organizations and international legal firms when more extensive resources or other disciplines are required.

Since its establishment in 1996 JHMA has regularly been involved with fields in the United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS), Norway, Africa and Middle East, and also has experience of many other provinces including the Far East, Canada and South America. Clients range from state/multinational and independent oil companies, to stock-market listed consultancy organisations and petrochemical/trading groups.