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largebullet  Integrated Reservoir Studies

The Project Management Approach

Companies rely on close integration of all technical disciplines in carrying out successful reservoir engineering studies.

Gantt chart exampleThis creates significant challenges in ensuring that all team members understand their role, the role of others in the overall project; and in ensuring control over the project. Many technical experts have developed informal techniques to plan, schedule and control their own activities, but this is no longer adequate as the activities of all team members need to be known to the others. This includes not only a knowledge of what activities are to be done, but when they need to be completed and using what data. More formal techniques are needed.

This practical workshop gives valuable insight into Integrated Reservoir Studies and how tried and tested Project Management techniques can be applied or adapted to maximise their benefits. Topics include:

  • The team approach to Integrated Reservoir Studies
  • Overview of Project Management
  • Defining the projectnetwork model
  • Planning
  • Putting activities in a time frame through scheduling
  • Monitoring progress and controlling the project
  • The importance of integration in reservoir studies
  • Strategies for Integrated Reservoir Studies
  • Facilitating integration
  • Applying PM techniques to Reservoir Studies
  • Stage Gate processes.

It is suitable for staff of all disciplines, particularly current or future project leaders without previous exposure to PM methods.

This popular workshop, delivered in more than ten countries, has consistently received ‘excellent’ participant ratings for content, leader’s command of the subject, presentation and manual.