largebullet  Technical Studies

Integrated Reservoir Studies

outcrop photoNeed help with multi-disciplinary studies, field development planning, or reservoir simulation model construction?

JHMA has wide practical experience in technical management of reservoir studies, also captured in the workshop Integrated Reservoir Studies: the Project Management Approach. JHMA can provide subsurface input, participate in peer reviews or technical audits.

JHMA will ensure that models are realistic yet not over-complex, represent essential features and uncertainties and are of practical use for decision-making.

Reservoir Geoscience Data and Model Evaluation

profileOverwhelmed with large data sets, detailed specialist reports or huge complex geomodels which don't tell you what you really need to know?

We focus on goal-oriented data audit and synthesis to extract significant results, conclusions and recommendations. These are also key themes of our training modules Reservoir Development Geology: the Key to Successful Field Management.

Project Reporting & Technical Writing

ReportsStudies not closed out or 'lost' due to lack of time, changed priorities or staff transfer?

Our simple but effective and proven techniques add value to partly finished or unreported studies. Usually at low incremental cost, JHMA can thus make sure that key messages and recommendations are available to your organization.

Effective writing methods are of great importance in equity redeterminations and other dispute resolutions where written submissions assume a critical role. We also apply these techniques (demonstrated in our workshop read Effective Writing for Technical Staff: a Structured System ) to help clients prepare concise, effective information memoranda supporting farm-outs and asset divestment, and documentation ranging from board papers to stock market reports.

Project support including graphics and design can also be provided

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