JHMA’s role within the Energy Industry

Sentiment towards hydrocarbons exploitation has dramatically changed, for obvious reasons.

JHMA’s principal advisor has had a long career, focussing on field development and production activities. JHMA does not engage in roles assisting applications for new exploratory licenses, exploration drilling or new prospect evaluation. JHMA’s technical expertise is of efficient and sustainable exploitation of known resources, protecting the interests of asset owners. JHMA training workshops focus on management and communication skills readily transferrable to other business sectors.

When consulting for clients, many FTSE 100 /FTSE 250 listed or international respected responsible enterprises, JHMA is bound by onerous contractual obligations, including Environmental, Social and Governance standards. The energy industry is global, and JHMA is proud that the majority of income is derived from outside the UK, an ‘invisible export’ contributing positively to the UK’s balance of payments. Activities have been continuous and profitable over each of the 27 years since incorporation, despite several downturns in the sector and the ‘pandemic’. JHMA has never suffered any ‘bad debt’ from consulting or training activities: the client base is highly reliable. All income is fee-based and we do not take direct interests in client businesses.

What about the website? It is just a ‘ back catalogue’ of what we do. For years, JHMA’s activities have all been derived from personal contact, repeat business for previous clients. Cosmetic web design improvements have not been high on the agenda and some of the content is now rather out of date!